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Remember Miss R? Well, she is 3 months old and I was lucky enough to have a session with her and her parents. She is still a little peanut, and so dang cute. She even slept a little while for us, which doesn't happen often once they pass that newborn stage. Typically when the camera comes out they're too interested to sleep! She is smiling, talking and even rolling over. I had a lot of fun with her and her family today. I hope you guys enjoy!

Rylie-3 Months_34editedWM
Rylie-3 Months_127edited
Rylie-3 Months_253editedWM
R-3 Months


Kim2002 said...

Love the vintage scale shot.....that is so cool to use it with an older child. And what a beautiful family. Great captures. :)

Cophia said...

These are stunning...especially the 3rd shot.

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