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Meet Lindsay! We headed into downtown Denver yesterday to shoot some photos for her portfolio. It rained the entire time but it was well worth it. Once the little men are napping I'll be able to dig into this more, so expect some others! I hope you like them Lindsay!



Colorado Children's Photographer|Newborn

Remember this maternity session? They've welcomed their newest addition, little man Z. He is 11 days old and was the most content newborn I've had. He didn't sleep too much and when he was awake he was happy as a clam, most the time at least :) He especially loved the space heater I brought along. He also managed to poo all over Dad after the very last shot of the day-perfect timing, right?! :) He is a sweetheart and his big sister is such a great help. I hope to be lucky enough to photograph this family again, I had a great time with you! Enjoy your sneak peek.

Baby Z
Baby Z
Baby Z
Baby Z
Baby Z
Baby Z
Baby Z


Colorado Children's Photographer|My Own

He is getting too big for my taste! I wish he would stop growing for just a little bit.

Sweet boy.

You probably don't think I have another little man in my life, I do. He just catches a glimpse of the camera and books it for the other room. Smart kid, he is!


Colorado Children's Photographer|Newborn

I had the pleasure today of photographing the newest member of one of the most AMAZING cloth diaper companies out there, Rump a Rooz. They just welcomed a little man into their family after having 2 girls.  They're such a sweet family and I hope to see more of them in the future! 


This is little man J who is just about 2 weeks, he was so sweet the short time he was there. He is a gorgeous little guy!

Here is 17 month old T who has the most gorgeous eyelashes I've ever seen on any child. They curled so perfectly!

...and my little man, teething and all, eating some grass.


Colorado Children's Photographer

I can't get enough of these kids. My niece and nephew are such cute kids, and my boys love them. Here they are yesterday when we actually had a little sun.

Miss H.

My favorite part of Colorado Springs is seeing this everyday. I stopped on my way to Denver and shot this.

Pikes Peak 4-15


Colorado Children's Photographer|Baby

Remember Miss R? Well, she is 3 months old and I was lucky enough to have a session with her and her parents. She is still a little peanut, and so dang cute. She even slept a little while for us, which doesn't happen often once they pass that newborn stage. Typically when the camera comes out they're too interested to sleep! She is smiling, talking and even rolling over. I had a lot of fun with her and her family today. I hope you guys enjoy!

Rylie-3 Months_34editedWM
Rylie-3 Months_127edited
Rylie-3 Months_253editedWM
R-3 Months


Colorado Children's Photographer|My Own

I promise I'll post more besides my own in the next few weeks. I've had a nice little break and I am ready to get busy again.

my little dudes feet :)
My cheesy boy.


Colorado Children's Photographer|My Own

This little dude is 8 months old today! Crazy how fast his first year is flying bye.

and I FINALLY got one of them together. Even though Cooper has his binkie in his mouth and they aren't looking, I still love it.

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